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January 17, 2023

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Mattress Sizes & Bed Dimensions: the Ultimate Guide

By Bénédicte Pelletier
Finding the perfect mattress isn't always simple, but it can be! Use this handy guide to tell the difference between mattress sizes and discover which is right for you based on your room size and who you share your bed with (furry friends included).Our rule of thumb? When in doubt, size up. You won’t regret having extra space to sprawl out. Plus, with our 100-night mattress trial, you’ve got time to find what works best for you.Illustration of the Endy Mattresses size variations with their dimensions noted.

Standard Mattress Sizes and Dimensions Chart

How Do I Know Which Mattress Size is Right for Me?

There's a big difference between a Twin size mattress and a King mattress. So how can you know which mattress size is right for you? We advise picking the largest bed dimensions that fit your room size. Here's a handy guide to help you choose the best mattress size.Endy mattresses are available in all standard sizes from Twin to California King to suit every preference and room size.

Bed Dimensions Per Room Size

Mattress sizeMattress dimensionsMinimum recommended room sizeCalifornia King72” x 84”Large bedroom (12' x 12)King76” x 80”Large bedroom (10' x 12)Queen60” x 80”Mid-size bedroom (10' x 10)Full54” x 75”Mid-size bedroom (9.6’ x 10.6’)Twin XL39” x 80”Small bedroom (7’ x 10’)Twin39” x 75”Small bedroom (7’ x 10’)

The Best Bed Size for Every Sleeper

Two people relaxing in a bed outfitted with Endy's collection of sleep products.

Best for children: Twin

Twin beds are perfect for kids! They leave plenty of room for play as the most compact bed size. Twin mattresses are also often used in bunk beds.

Best for teens: Twin XL, Full

Twin XL beds are perfect for anticipating growth spurts. Does being over 6 feet tall run in the family? No worries. Since Twin XL mattresses are as long as a Queen or King bed, they can accommodate young kids just as well as teens and adults.

Best for single adults: Twin XL, Full, Queen

Short on space? Twin XL beds offer plenty of room for one adult. In fact, two Twin XL mattresses are the same size as a King mattress, so you get as much space as you would when sharing a King bed with someone!

Best for two adult sleepers: Queen, King, California King

Bigger bed sizes are usually recommended for couples, so you both get plenty of space to relax and unwind at night. However, if your room is smaller than 10' x 12, you might need a double mattress. In this case, you'll really appreciate our mattresses' zero motion transfer technology for uninterrupted sleep on any mattress size!

Best for two adult sleepers with children or pets: King, California King

Got a spacious bedroom? Go for the largest bed size—King or California King! If you have kids (or pets) who like to crawl into bed with you in the morning, you'll be glad to have the extra room. Plus, there's something so inviting about a giant bed filled with cushions and cozy blankets.

Most Popular Mattress Size: Why Do Most People Prefer a King Mattress?

Two people snoozing in a bed that's outfitted with Endy's collection of sleep products.King bed dimensions are roomier than most other mattress sizes. When sharing a bed, a King size mattress allows each person to have plenty of room to relax into a great sleep.

Benefits of King-size mattresses

A larger mattress gives you more room to stretch out and get comfortable. Having a larger bed also means you don't have to sleep as close to your partner as with a Full or Queen size bed. This can help minimize disturbances during your sleep (especially if your partner tends to twitch or toss and turn in their sleep!)

Exceptional comfort from Twin to California King

If you own an Endy mattress, you can reap those same benefits with any mattress size. Our Canadian-made mattresses are made with proprietary Endy Comfort Foam to eliminate motion transfer. So when your partner moves beside you, you won't feel a thing (for real—look it up!) Our zero motion transfer technology is built into every mattress size so you can get amazingly comfortable, undisturbed sleep on any Endy Mattress, from Twin size to California King.

Twin Size Mattress

Illustration of a bedroom layout with an Twin sized Endy Mattress.

The Twin size mattress is the smallest of our mattress sizes.

Twin-size mattress dimensions

Twin-size bed dimensions are 39 inches wide and 75 inches long. For comparison, a Full-size mattress is 54" x 75," and a Queen-sized mattress is 60" x 80".

Is a Twin mattress right for you?

Our smallest mattress size, the Endy Twin mattress, is perfect for one child, teen, or adult. A Twin bed is also the ideal mattress size for cottages, daybeds, or bunk beds for kids. In Canada, a Twin size is also known as a "Single bed" or "Standard Twin bed."

Twin XL Size Mattress

Illustration of a bedroom layout with an Twin XL sized Endy Mattress.

At 39" x 80", Twin XL mattresses are ideal for tall, single sleepers.

Twin XL mattress dimensions

Twin XL mattresses are 39 inches wide and 80 inches long. A Twin XL bed has the width of a regular Twin mattress and the length of a Queen or King Mattress.

Is a Twin XL mattress right for you?

The additional 5 inches of length makes the Twin XL ideal for fast-growing kids & teens, as well as tall adults looking for a compact bed size. Tight on space? A Twin XL mattress fits perfectly in studio apartments or university dorm rooms. Set up your Twin XL mattress on our Platform Bed Frame for a simple, low-profile look.

Full-Size Mattress

Illustration of a bedroom layout with an Full sized Endy Mattress.

With 54" x 75" double bed size dimensions, a full or double mattress size suits mid-size rooms.

Full-size mattress dimensions

Full-size mattress dimensions are 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. For comparison, a Queen-size mattress is 60" x 80", and a King-size mattress is 76" x 80".

Is a Full mattress right for you?

A Full mattress is the perfect starter size for teens and young adults. Often referred to as a "Double mattress," it's designed to accommodate two people comfortably. Full-size mattresses are ideal for guest bedrooms or smaller spaces.

Queen Size Mattress

Illustration of a bedroom layout with an Queen sized Endy Mattress.At 60" x 80", a Queen bed mattress fits the average room size.

Queen-size mattress dimensions

Queen-size mattresses are 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. For reference, Queen size bed dimensions are 6" wider and 5" longer than a Full mattress—and 16" narrower than King-size bed dimensions.

Is a Queen mattress right for you?

Queen is the most popular mattress size in Canada. Best suited for bedrooms that are 100 square feet or larger, a queen-size bed provides plenty of room for two people. Since they're 5 inches longer than full mattresses, Queen beds are perfect for taller adults or anyone sleeping with a furry friend at their feet!The Upholstered Bed is the perfect all-in-one headboard and frame for your Queen mattress. This bed frame brings a touch of elegance with a polished look that fits seamlessly in any space.

King Size Mattress

Illustration of a bedroom layout with an King sized Endy Mattress.At 76" x 80", a King-size bed will suit taller teens and adults perfectly and look great in a larger room size.

King-size mattress dimensions

King-size bed dimensions are 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. For comparison, the queen-size bed dimensions are 60" x 80", and the California King mattress dimensions are 72" x 84."

Is a King mattress right for you?

A King-size mattress, also known as a Standard King size bed, provides maximum sleeping space. As one of the largest mattress sizes, a King-size mattress requires a spacious bedroom. A King-sized mattress is perfect for sharing with a partner, children, or pets—or for sprawling out on your own.Because King size bed dimensions are 16 inches wider than a Queen bed (and 22 inches wider than a Full bed!), King-size mattresses usually require wider pillows. Lucky for you, the Endy Customizable Pillow comes in a King size so you can build your dream sleep set-up!

California King Size Mattress

Illustration of a bedroom layout with an Cal King sized Endy Mattress.

The California King mattress size is 72 x 84, which suits a large room size.

California King mattress dimensions

A California King-size mattress is 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. So, a California King bed is narrower than a Standard King bed but longer.

Is a California King mattress right for you?

The California King bed, also known as a Cal King bed, is our longest mattress size. While it's 4 inches narrower than the King size, the added length of a California King sized mattress is ideal for very tall adults. You won't have to worry about your feet dangling at the end! A California King also provides plenty of space for a pet at the end of the bed.

RV Queen Size Mattress

Illustration of an RV bedroom layout with an RV Queen sized Endy Mattress.

The Short Queen mattress size is the most commonly found in RVs.

RV Queen mattress dimensions

The Short Queen is the most common RV-size mattress on the market. The dimensions of this Queen RV bed are 60 inches wide and 75 inches long. It's the same width as a Queen mattress but 5 inches shorter to fit in most recreational vehicles and cargo vans.

Is the RV Queen mattress right for you?

The Endy RV Mattress is perfect for restful nights on the road! If you need help determining which RV mattress will fit your vehicle, read our guide for better sleep on the road.

What Mattress Sizes Does Endy Carry?

Endy carries all the main mattress sizes: Twin mattresses, Twin XL mattresses, Full mattresses, Queen mattresses, King mattresses, California King mattresses, and RV Short Queen mattresses.The Endy Hybrid Mattress is available in all mattress sizes except Short Queen.

What Bed Frame Sizes Does Endy Have?

Endy carries most bed frame sizes: Twin bed frames, Twin XL bed frames, Full or Double bed frames, Queen size bed frames, King size bed frames, and California King bed frames. So whether you're looking for a King size bed frame or a double bed, we've got you covered!

Do I Need Special Bed Linens or Pillows With My Mattress Size?

A bed dressed in Endy's collection of sleep products.

Find out which pillows you should use with a King or California King sized bed.


For linens, always use the same size as your mattress. If you try using a Queen duvet on a King mattress, you'll be playing tug of war with your partner all night!


Suppose you own a King bed or a California King. In that case, you'll also want to use King-size pillows to accommodate the wider bed dimensions of these sizes.

Try the Endy Mattress risk-free for 100 nights. Get the best sleep of your life or your money back.Learn more about our 100-night trial

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