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New ProductAdjustable Bed

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Product Details

Elevate your sleep effortlessly with this electric bed frame. Raise the head and foot sections with the touch of a button to prevent back pain, help with snoring, and lounge comfortably in bed.

Compatible with the Endy Hybrid Mattress, Endy Mattress, and most foam and pocket-coil mattresses.

Adjustable Base
  • Frame & Legs: Steel
  • Panels: Pressed eucalyptus wrapped in 100% Polyester fabric
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30-Night Trial

15-Year Limited Warranty

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  • Seamless Fit

    Pair your Adjustable Bed with any compatible mattress to elevate your sleep.

  • Customizable Comfort

    Use the remote control to find the perfect angle for sleeping or catching up on your favourite shows.

  • Zero Gravity

    Targeted support relieves pressure on your back, shoulders, hips, and knees for ultimate comfort.

Wake Up to a Healthier You

  • Minimize acid reflux and snoring
  • Relieve shoulder, hip, and back pain
  • Reduce leg swelling and inflammation
  • Sit up and lounge comfortably in bed

Why You'll Love This Adjustable Bed

  • Personalized comfort when lounging in bed
  • Endy FlexFrame technology with fully customizable head and foot sections
  • Simple assembly with no tools required
  • Intuitive remote with preset Zero-G feature

Elevate Your Space Effortlessly

Product image showing the Endy Upholstered Adjustable Bed.

Zero Gravity

Feel like you're floating in space! The Zero-G setting on the remote elevates your legs above your heart to relieve pressure on your spine, promote better circulation, and help you sleep better.

Advanced Safety Features

Your bed has a child safety lock, a backup battery power strap, and a gravity-release motor to eliminate pinch points.

Easy Assembly

Start sleeping better in no time! This bed was made for ultimate comfort and relaxation—starting with a simple, tool-free assembly.

Sizing Guide

Overall dimensions

79.5" L x 38" W x 10" H


7" H

Fine-Tune Your Sleep Setup

Say goodbye to back pain with the ultimate combo for ergonomic sleep! The Adjustable Bed is compatible with the Endy Mattress and most foam and pocket-coil mattresses, but you'll reap maximum benefits with our Endy Hybrid Mattress.


Take Your Sleep to the Next Level